Board of Directors Election Information

Here you will find personal statements from all twelve 2016 Board of Directors candidates. If this is your first time reviewing this year’s candidates, please start by reading through the Your Voice, Your Vote statement form the Board of Directors as well as the Board of Directors Code of Conduct.

Elections open on November 1 and run until November 14. You can vote online or by mail-in ballot. A link for online voting will be posted here once elections are open, and mail-in ballots will be available to pick up in all La Montañita locations beginning on November 1.

Your Voice, Your Vote

Every year La Montañita Food Cooperative holds elections for its Board of Directors. The Board of Directors seats nine members, each with a 3-year term. Three seats are up for election every year and, if necessary, voting may include the seats for the remainder of the terms of directors who have left the board before their term expired. This year there are three three-year terms and one two-year term up for election. Members are invited and encouraged to exercise their democratic voice and vote.

Candidate information is available on our website at, in the Co-op Connection News, and on theñ website.

Democratic Member Control is the second of seven cooperative principles. Voting in our co-op election is an expression of this principle. Your Board of Directors should strive to represent and reflect the diversity that makes up the whole community of all the member-owners of the co-op. Board work includes a vision for the future while recognizing the many contributing factors that are needed to realize La Montañita’s ends including a continued contribution to a sustainable local economy.

Electronic Voting or Paper Ballots

Voting should be as easy as possible. All members for whom we have an email address will receive a link to our voting page. Members for whom we do not have an email address on file can go to and use the process outlined below.

Members can also go to one of our stores’ Information Desks to pick up a paper ballot and a stamped envelope addressed to our independent third party election management. This year there will be tables at the stores for easy access to paper ballots for members who prefer paper ballots.

If your membership is current, you will be able to log in with your member number as your username. If we have your email address on file, that email address is your password. If you have not given us your email address, your 5-digit home zip code is your password. If we have neither an email address nor an address on file for you, you can either update your membership information or vote with a paper ballot.

At no time will members of the staff or board have access to the voting site except as members who wish to vote, until all voting has taken place and all ballots have been tallied.

Once you log in with your member number and password as described above, you can read about each of the candidates and see if they opted to participate in the Board slate interview process, which includes signing the Statement of Agreement with the Board Members’ Code of Conduct. Candidates who chose to complete the Board slate interview process have received the Board’s endorsement. Once you’ve read up on the candidates, cast your vote.

Our locally-created voting software will only allow one vote from each Co-op member account, based on your unique member number.

New Board members are seated at the December meeting. Official election results are reported in the January 2017 Co-op Connection News.

The following candidates participated in the Board slate interview process, and as a result, have received the Board’s endorsement:

Gina Dennis, John Kwait, Ariana Marchello, and Courtney White.

Board of Directors Code of Conduct

Statement of Agreement
The Board of Directors adopted the following policies to clarify our code of conduct and ethics. These and all our other policies have laid a strong foundation for La Montañita and Directors are required to follow and support them. Candidates seeking Board endorsement are asked to read and acknowledge the specific policies below as these policies address our requirements as individual Directors.
Board Members’ Code of Conduct
Board members are expected to conduct themselves ethically, responsibly, and in a business-like manner, including the proper use of authority and appropriate decorum when acting as Board members. Board members are legally responsible for discharging their duties in good faith, with the care an ordinarily prudent person in a like position would exercise under similar circumstances, and in a manner reasonably believed to be in the Co-op’s best interest.

  1. Board members should conduct themselves as Board members rather than as individual member/owners while conducting Board business.
  2. Board members should loyally represent the Co-op’s interests. This supersedes any conflicting loyalty including, but not limited to, advocacy or interest groups, member/ownership on any other boards or staffs, or acting as an individual employee or consumer of the Cooperative’s services.
  3. Board members should be aware of and follow the Cooperative’s bylaws, including the avoidance of conflict of interest, such as the following:
    • There must be no self-dealing or any conduct of private business or personal services between any Board member and the Cooperative except as procedurally controlled to assure openness, competitive opportunity, and equal access to inside information.
    • Board members who are employed by the Co-op will not vote on the GM’s compensation.
    • Board members have an affirmative obligation to state any possible conflict of interest of their own as well as that of any other Board member.
    • Board members will not use their positions to obtain for themselves, family member/owners, or close associates any employment or business with the Co-op.
    • Board members will disclose any business or personal associations with current staff, contractors, or suppliers.
  4. Board members shall be aware of and follow the Cooperative’s policies.
  5. Board members shall bring complete honesty and personal integrity to the Board.
  6. Board members shall openly and impartially consider all issues and matters, researching issues and seeking additional expertise where needed.
  7. Board members shall prepare for and attend all Board meetings or notify the Board president when an absence is unavoidable.
  8. Board members shall respect the confidentiality appropriate to issues of a sensitive nature. All personnel, real estate, marketing, legal, strategic planning, and financial matters will be considered sensitive issues subject to Board members’ good faith and discretion unless or until made public by Board action.
  9. As representatives of the Co-op, Board members shall project a positive image and conduct themselves in a professional manner. All Board members will respect the rights of other Board members, staff, and member/owners to communicate their ideas, and will communicate with honesty and respect.
  10. When an individual Board member and/or Board members disagree with a policy or action developed by the majority of the Board, the dissenting Board member(s) shall have the right to present evidence and arguments to the Board in a manner consistent with Board’s policies.
    As a Co-op Director, I acknowledge the Board Members’ Code of Conduct policies, and understand that if, in the opinion of the majority of Directors, I have violated the letter or spirit of the policies, I can be removed from office until the next membership meeting.


Now that you’ve read this general election information, please head over to our Candidates page to learn more about the twelve candidates running for the Board of Directors this year. If you’ve already reviewed candidate statements, you can go ahead and cast your vote now by clicking here!